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Master's Degree in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing

Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu
2 years
Application deadline: Joint application
Full time
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Master's Degree in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing

Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining

Master's Degree in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing

  • High level education covering the whole mine value chain

  • Shared courses in geosciences and engineering, including both theory and practice

  • Excellent, cutting-edge infrastructure for research and education in close cooperation with the mining industry

The International Programme in Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining Programme will give you excellent skills and understanding on the whole mining industry value chain and principles of sustainable mining.

Graduating students from the Programme have a profound understanding of the technical, geological, financial, environmental and social aspects of sustainable mining. Possible job opportunities exist in all fields related to the mining value chain including exploration, mining and mineral processing both in the industry and in research.

The specialisation lines in the field of engineering sciences are Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing, and Applied Geophysics.

Mining Engineering covers a wide range of topics, including mining technology, rock mechanics, rock drilling, rock blasting, rock excavation, rock support, stability of slopes and tunnels, mining safety, ventilation, mining planning, analysis of mining operation and production, mining economy and financing. The expertise can be used to design and manage metal mines as well as other rock engineering operations related to exploitation of raw materials.

Mineral Processing deals with the processes to economically separate valuable minerals from the ores. Oulu Mining School has unique, continuous mode in-house concentrating plant that provides an excellent infrastructure for training and education purposes. The environmental aspects of processing, health and safety in the plants, and collaboration with the mining industry are essential parts of education.

Applied Geophysics concentrates on the basic phenomena in geophysics and how to apply the knowledge for example in exploration, mapping and management of natural resources, and in environmental and engineering studies. In the life cycle of a mine, geophysics plays an important role in all stages: before opening the mine in mineral exploration and resource assessment, during active mining operations in exploration for additional resources and environmental monitoring, and after the closure of the mine in environmental monitoring and mapping of potentially contaminated areas.

Admission requirements

Visit the programme page to see the admission requirements and how to apply through an online joint application system at

Degree / diploma

  • Master of Science (Technology)


Tuition fee: for non-EU/EEA citizens 10 000 euros

Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu

Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu

Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu

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Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu

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