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Master's Degree Programme in Physical and Chemical Sciences

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Master's Degree Programme in Physical and Chemical Sciences

Study objectives

The Master’s Degree Programme in Physical and Chemical Sciences offers students four specialization fields: Astronomy and Space Physics, Materials Physics, Materials Chemistry, and Theoretical Physics. You will develop deeper knowledge in the particular field and after graduating, you will be able to use the versatile experimental, theoretical and numerical techniques to produce and analyze new science projects.

Students specializing in Astronomy and Space Physics will study various astrophysical phenomena and plasma physics - from Solar system to neutron stars, to quasars. As a student of this field you will also get hands-on experience with observational techniques, space instrumentation, numerical methods and analysis of large data sets.

The studies of Materials Physics and Chemistry will give you an ability to understand and to develop the properties of materials from molecules and nanoparticles of metals, magnetic and semiconducting compounds, pharmaceutical and biomaterials. After graduation you will be familiar with the current methodologies, research equipment and modern numerical methods needed to model properties of materials used in research and technology. Note that there is a sister programme (Master's Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences) with a specialization on medicinal chemistry.

In Theoretical physics you can specialize in various fields at the forefront of European and international research, such as quantum technologies, fundamentals of quantum physics, quantum information and optics, quantum field theory and cosmology. You will learn rigorous mathematical and numerical methods to model physical phenomena and solve physical problems with several possible interdisciplinary applications also outside physics. Examples are the studies of complex systems, data science, and machine learning.

The aim of the Master's education is to support you to become an independent expert who can evaluate information critically, plan and execute research projects to find new knowledge, and to solve scientific and technological problems both independently and as part of a group.

Join our program to discover the exciting worlds from quantum to crystals, quasars and beyond.

Study contents

The contents of studies depend on your specialization field. You will make a personal study plan with the study counselor of your specialization. The study plan will take into account your preferences, background and future plans. It is possible to include a minor subject from the large selection of programs at the University of Turku. 

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Separate application period for Master's Programmes in English.

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